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Minneapolis Blog Websites Design

Every business needs a blog. Blogs are a terrific way to speak with your customers, not just at them. A good blog engages you and your customers in conversations. It helps them learn what you can do for them. It helps them see how sincere you are about fulfilling their needs. Blog with the single goal of creating a relationship with your current and potential clients and you'll soon find you have produced a community of folks who trust you and are very interested in what you have to say, and sell.

Yet, blogging has become quite sophisticated. No longer can you set up a simple Wordpress or Blogger site (with the included Wordpress or Blogger URL) and leave it at that.

Instead, your business' blog should have it's own URL. It should have a professional design instead of a simple Wordpress-supplied template (screams "I'm too lazy to bother" with my one-on-one communication to you people" -- your clients). Your blog also should be search engine optimized.

Minnesota Blog Websites Design Firm Will Create a Custom, Traffic-Generating Blog for Your Business

Our blog website designers are enamored with Wordpress for its state-of-the-art content management system.

As for its free templates? Not so much.

So we will create a custom Wordpress blog for your business that adheres to the best search engine optimization practices to ensure your blog receives plenty of targeted traffic, traffic that will increase your sales and grow your business.

A custom blog designed by ESI will:

  1. Incorporate a social media strategy so that you can build relationships with your potential and current customers
  2. Connect your blog with Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  3. Can automate your social media presence, if you prefer
  4. Make it easy for you to grow your brand online
  5. And more

Why Choose Minnesota Blog Websites Design Firm ESI

Essential Services' designers have years of experience creating beautiful, engaging, optimized blog websites for our clients. If you want your Wordpress  blog to look like a "regular" website, we can do that. If you want your blog to be found on its own, separate from your main business website, we will ensure it's built with the proper SEO strategies and tools such as optimized URLs, title tags, interlinks between its pages, etc. so that your potential customers will find it easily -- and before they head to your competitors' blogs.

Our designers understand what customers want when they read blogs. They know that the ultimate purpose of a business blog is to increase sales and revenue for your company. Many designers don't think of marketing and sales as they design a site. We do.

In addition, the Wordpress blog websites we create look stunning in all browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.. Our blogs meet or exceed all Web standards and you and your technical team can rest assured that your blog is W3C valid and will follow strict XHTML and CSS code.

Blog websites are a terrific way to

  1. communicate with and engage your customers,
  2. build your online reputation and brand,
  3. and get your products and services found on the Web
  4. in an extremely cost-effective manner.

Call ESI at 651-342-4000 to speak with one of our designers today.


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Essential Services is a marketing service that has done a great service to the Christine Center. There is no doubt that the precision of their response to our needs has broadened our market and generated an invaluable response to our Retreat Center.
Cecilia Corcoran
President of The Christine Center

You guys are amazing! In 3 weeks we went from not showing up in the search results, to the first page and now we are getting 3 leads a day from our website!
Jessica Harris
Office Manager Harris Roofing

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