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Try this: Type in your business or service category in Google's search engine with your town as a modifier. For example: "Carpet Cleaning Duluth." You'll see a Google Map come up with several companies appearing above the organic (non-paid) search results. If you were searching for a service provider business wouldn't you click on the first few results? Would you even bother looking beyond the first few results? Probably not, right?

That being the case, if your company isn't in what is now known as the Google Maps 7 Pack, what do you think the chances are that your potential customers will be going to the companies -- your competitors -- that are at the top of the results?

You know the answer, and it's not a happy one.

Fun yet very important fact: You do not need a website to see your business ranked first on Google. How can that be? The answer: Google Maps.

Google Maps allow people in your area to find businesses and other service providers in their vicinity. Optimize your business for the keywords they're looking for, and your business will appear at the top of the search results.

As much as the Yellow Pages business directory has been a godsend for many decades, it is going away... far away.

Instead, people looking for plumbers, dentists, attorneys, real estate agents, exercise clubs, hair salons, carpet installers and other service providers in their neighborhood now let their fingers do the typing on their computer keyboard as they perform online searches for these businesses.

People also are using their iPhones, BlackBerries and other devices to perform searches. They use a relatively new service such as Google 411, which provides them with local results for their mobile keyword search.

Minneapolis Local Search Optimization Brings Your Neighbors To Your Business

Of the 10 billion searches people perform in the U.S. each month, about 40 percent are considered "local." That is, people are searching for providers within a small radius of their home or business. What's more, people tend to make 80 percent of all their purchases within a 15-mile radius of their home or business. That's just HUGE.

Don't be left off the Google Map

Essential Services will get your business found via local search engine optimization. Whether you have a website. Or not.

Call us at 651-342-4000 to speak with us about how our Minnesota local search optimization service will help you grow your business. Our consultation is free.

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Essential Services is a marketing service that has done a great service to the Christine Center. There is no doubt that the precision of their response to our needs has broadened our market and generated an invaluable response to our Retreat Center.
Cecilia Corcoran
President of The Christine Center

You guys are amazing! In 3 weeks we went from not showing up in the search results, to the first page and now we are getting 3 leads a day from our website!
Jessica Harris
Office Manager Harris Roofing

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