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Website Services

The Minnesota Website design team at Essential Services share over 30 years of hands on leadership positions with a wide variety of smaller-sized companies, experience that taught us how to grow a business just like yours..

  1. Web Design Minneapolis

    Web Design

    We’re very familiar with the many pieces of a Web marketing jigsaw puzzle that, when fully assembled, displays a detailed road map to the successful selling of products or services online. The journey begins with a dramatic increase in traffic to a Web site, but this is but a first step towards achieving Web design that’s Search Engine Marketing friendly and will reliably grow a small business.
  2. Minnesota Search Engine Optimization Experts

    Search Engine Optimization

    Let’s face it, those dusty old Yellow Pages and similarly expensive forms of advertising deliver little (if any) return on investment, which is to say they simply don’t work in today’s marketing environment. At Essential Services, we know that more and more products or services are searched for on a nearly endless variety of electronic devices that all lead back to the Web.
  3. Minneapolis Local Search Optimization

    Local Search Optimization

    People looking for plumbers, dentists, attorneys, real estate agents, exercise clubs, hair salons, carpet installers and other service providers in their neighborhood now let their fingers do the typing on their computer keyboard as they perform online searches for these businesses. Of the 10 billion searches people perform in the U.S. each month, about 40 percent are considered "local."
  4. Minnesota Blog Websites

    Blog Development

    Our designers understand what customers want when they read blogs. They know that the ultimate purpose of a business blog is to increase sales and revenue for your company. Many designers don't think of marketing and sales as they design a site. We do.
  5. Minneaplois Website Maintenance

    Website Maintenance

    Keeping your site ranking high in search engine results takes continual website maintenance and tweaking since search engine optimization strategies and techniques constantly change. In fact, our maintenance not only will keep your site at the top of the search results, we'll work to ensure it goes even higher in results over time.
  6. Minnesota Pay Per Click Management

    Pay Per Click Management

    Get Measurable Results with AdWords. The same strategies we use for search engine optimization can be applied to a paid search marketing campaign. Each element of a paid search marketing link that is placed on a search engine result page can be optimized to attract more of the right people to your website. Text ad headlines, body copy, and the display link are all enticing pieces that must reflect your brand, search strategies, and what the user is searching for.
  7. Minnesota Social Media Management

    Social Media Optimization Campaign

    When we say social media, we mean online networking and relationship-building sites such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. All of these sites generate huge traffic (Twitter alone had 75 million users in January 2010, according to Computerworld). Their reach and the potential they provide you to grow your business are not to be ignored.
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