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Search Engine Optimization
in Minneapolis is  Key to Your Internet Business Success

Let’s face it, those dusty old Yellow Pages and similarly expensive forms of advertising deliver little (if any) return on investment (ROI), which is to say they simply don’t work in today’s marketing environment. At Essential Services, Inc. (ESI) we know that more and more products or services are searched for on a nearly endless variety of electronic devices that all lead back to the Web.

The Internet is king, and if your business Web site is to be easily and consistently found there, highly effective search engine optimization (SEO) in Minneapolis is an essential marketing strategy. Web site optimization, relies on strategically placed keywords, key phrases , on and off page tactics that attract the search engine’s attention distinctively to your businesses website. Proper coding language and countless other technical ingredients, as well as companion strategies such as link building, social media, etc., complete the SEO recipe that offers:

Vastly Increased Traffic – An otherwise perfect but non-optimized Web site is virtually worthless because no shopper will ever find it. When done right, SEO ensures a top search engine page ranking, and at ESI, we consistently achieve Google page one placement for the business owners we work with. Page one performance SEO in Minneapolis means countless thousands of Internet shoppers will visit your Web site.

Greatly Improved Sales Conversion Rates – Getting visitors to your virtual door is only half the battle – closing the deal by getting them to click on Contact us or Buy Now is how you win the Internet marketing competition. At ESI, we use creative SEO copywriting and advanced technologies to design, build, monitor, fine tune, and (if desired) maintain your Web site to achieve a significant and ever-growing increase in your sales conversion rate.

SEO in Minneapolis that Pays for Itself

Greatly increased traffic and sales conversion rates equal positive ROI, which means a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy quickly pays for itself. In other words, it’s an expense that in the end, will not cost you a dime and will become one of the best if not  -the best investment you can make in your business.

Is it Time to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

When you decide that it’s finally time to grow your business, ESI invites you to take advantage of a no-cost or obligation consultation so we can discuss all that SEO in Minneapolis can do for you. Once you read our client testimonials and view our portfolio you’ll discover that we offer highly effective and comprehensive SEO services under one roof. We’ll let our reputation speak for itself, and then we’d be delighted to speak to you.


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Essential Services is a marketing service that has done a great service to the Christine Center. There is no doubt that the precision of their response to our needs has broadened our market and generated an invaluable response to our Retreat Center.
Cecilia Corcoran
President of The Christine Center

You guys are amazing! In 3 weeks we went from not showing up in the search results, to the first page and now we are getting 3 leads a day from our website!
Jessica Harris
Office Manager Harris Roofing

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