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Website Maintenance

Once Essential Services has created a high ranking website for your business -- or revamped your current one -- our work continues.

Keeping your site ranking high in search engine results takes continual website maintenance and tweaking since search engine optimization strategies and techniques constantly change. In fact, our maintenance not only will keep your site at the top of the search results, we'll work to ensure it goes even higher in results over time.

But we don't change your website just because you've hired us for website maintenance. Instead, ESI continually analyzes your site's SEO, redefines SEO techniques and strategies as needed, and works to promote your business in the most cost-effective and successful manner possible.

Minnesota Website Maintenance: It's Your Call

We can set up a monthly maintenance package that fits your budget and updating needs. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange to maintain your site on an as-needed basis -- when you tell us you need it.

If you'd like to be able to make changes to your site yourself, ESI can install a content management system and train you and your employees on how to make changes and update your site yourself.

With our monthly packages, we'll update your site only as much as it needs. We never "pad" your maintenance needs to benefit our bottom line. If your site needs just a few text or graphics changes every day, week or month, we'll happily make those changes on a schedule you choose.

Our Minneapolis website maintenance plans can include (yet are not limited to):

  1. Adding Pages/Products/Photos/Graphics/Videos
  2. Adding new content to your site, text, articles, calendar, events, news
  3. Editing, revising, or updating your existing content and graphics
  4. Updating links, inserting new links
  5. Photoshop image editing, PDF
  6. Text, graphics and coding updates
  7. Optimize website for search engines
  8. Transfer site to new domain or web server host
  9. Code validation and cross-browser compatibility testing
  10. Improve navigation, site organization, and/or ease-of-use for site visitors
  11. Add Contact or information gathering forms (with optional database update)
  12. Add Photo Galleries
  13. Add Videos
  14. Add Flash Functionality
  15. Assistance with updating content (geared toward how visitors like to read on the internet)
  16. Add Accessibility features to assist visitors with disabilities
  17. Add Google Analytics (free visitor analysis tool)


Our website maintenance packages start at $75 an hour. We also offer discounts to new and existing clients for monthly maintenance packages.

Please contact us today at 651-342-4000 to learn more about our Minneapolis website maintenance services.


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Essential Services is a marketing service that has done a great service to the Christine Center. There is no doubt that the precision of their response to our needs has broadened our market and generated an invaluable response to our Retreat Center.
Cecilia Corcoran
President of The Christine Center

You guys are amazing! In 3 weeks we went from not showing up in the search results, to the first page and now we are getting 3 leads a day from our website!
Jessica Harris
Office Manager Harris Roofing

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